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Nothing is more powerful than guiding people through the process of how to experience beer at its best, through tastings and beer and food pairings; talking them through the sensory roller coaster of flavour combinations.

This can be experienced on the grand scale; showcasing beers at big foodie festivals such as the prestigious Food & Wine circuit around the USA where even the wine buffs get engaged and excited by their beery discoveries.


Equally the more intimate beer and food pairing dinners are a fantastic way of sharing how the breadth of flavours available in beer can complement food in ways unmatched by wine (Yes I hear you draw your breath at such a bold statement! … but I’d love the opportunity to share what I mean)


Beer and how it pairs with food can be brought to life in so many ways….so do contact us to chat about what you want to achieve and the best way of bringing this wonderful experience to life.

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