Homeward bound

I’ve spent the last week in New York (what’s not to like) but I’ve been in the States for a few months now and it’s time to head back to Europe for a couple of weeks; catch up with family and friends and enjoy a few of my favourite brews of Belgium.

So be warned Europe I’m on my way back next Saturday!

But before that I will be working with a great team in NY as they launch their long awaited venture at nomad.


Sleeping in a new bed every other night can be a challenge

When you get to visit as many hotels as I do in the average year you can become something of an expert … and a bore … on the subject of the hotel room and bed.

Air conditioning at the wrong temperature, windows that don’t open….or do and a bed hand selected by the team of experts to deliver a comfort unknown since we crawled out of the caves (hard as rock) or came down from the trees (wobbles like a branch in a breeze). Happily on the plus side brewers don’t have such pretensions (well some do but they’re not expecting you to sleep with them….just enjoy their company in a bar!)