The Belgian Master Beer Sommelier

  • Marc; the Belgian Master Beer Sommelier; travels the world inspiring and educating people. He has a profound knowledge of his subject and has enduring relationships with both beer producers & the hospitality industry. He is a leading authority in the art and science of food and beer pairing and has created a number of programs to bring that knowledge to others.
  • He started his career working in a Belgian Beer House to fund his studies at Law School in Belgium. Eventually it became clear that he was being distracted from his vocation and Marc left to work & study beer extensively in Belgium and abroad. He trained as a chef and has worked for a number of the world’s leading restaurant groups and beer bars.
  • He has extensive experience of presenting to an audience, on radio & on TV, taking his unique, entertaining approach across the globe.
  • He is an accredited trainer accomplished in teaching people about beer & food pairing with memorable style.
  • Marc’s contributions to the global & Belgian beer industry were honored by one of Europe’s oldest trade guilds the Belgian Brewer’s Association when they appointed him an Honorary Knight in the Order of the Brewer’s Mash Staff.

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